Literature Circle Resources


Just Read Website - The Greater Essex County District School Board's Literature Circle Resources Project (including book suggestions, rubrics, culminating activities, etc.)

Not Using a Wiki? - Here are some handouts we've used for graphic novel lit circles with roles and with tasks, on paper...

- Discussion Question handout

- Summary/Summarizer handout

- Complete package we used to use for Lit Circles with Roles, for junior students

- Complete package we used to use for Lit Circles with Tasks, for intermediate students 

- Standard tracking sheet we use for Lit Circles on wikis - "Reflection, Discussion Question, Response to Peers, Response to Teacher, and Free Choice Activity in Four Cycles..."


Movie Trailers of Graphic Novels


Amulet #1 - The Stonekeeper (includes the author showing everyone around his studio)

Rapunzel's Revenge (the prequel to Calamity Jack, and another great choice for Lit Circles)


Wiki Resources


Sample Page - use this to show your students how you want their book pages to be set up.

PBworks - our favourite free wiki provider

Making Your Wiki Using PBworks

Tracking Sheet for Wiki Lit Circles A - this is one sample of what we did with one of our grade 8 classes

Tracking Sheet for Wiki Lit Circles B - here's a second sample from a different grade 8 class

Parental Wiki Permission Form - a sample of what we've sent home before starting wiki work

GECDSB Forest of Reading Wiki

GECDSB Teacher-Librarian Resource Wiki


Graphic Novel Programs


Comic Life - A program licensed for use by Ontario Educators where students can create their own comics.

Bitstrips for Schools - Another licensed program for Ontario Educators that provides students with comic elements.


Bloom's Taxonomy Resources


Bloom's Digital Taxonomy - A pyramid showing various web 2.0 apps and where they fit towards fulfilling Bloom's needs.

Applying Bloom's Taxonomy - Question starters for each level of Bloom's.


Web 2.0 Applications (for detailed information, check out the What about Web Apps page!)




Animoto - free registration


Museum Box





Weebly - Create your own webpage and/or blog


Where to Buy Your Graphics:






Great Newer Titles for Secondary and Mature Intermediate Readers (including for Lit Circles)