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Wikis Work

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A wiki is an easy-to-make, easy-to-use collaborative workspace. There are a number of companies that offer free wikis, and even more for a fee. We happen to love the wikis at PBworks for their ease and their accessibility.



***Here are my notes, with visuals, to help you create your own wiki using PBworks. Click here! ****


Benefits of a Wiki


- students can work on their assignments from any Internet site, on any platform.

- teachers can mark students' work without hauling home armloads of notebooks, again, from any platform.

- students are excited to use something that has the novelty factor built in. It feels like their very own private social network, which in essence it is!

- parents can easily see their child's work, and enjoy being able to check in from their platform for due dates, news, etc.

- it allows for students to have one online space in which they can post their web 2.0 work, like Vokis, Bitstrips, etc.

- the "gallery" aspect, where all students can view and contribute to the product, encourages better product...and BETTER LEARNING! 



The following is what we post on our school wikis. Feel free to copy and paste it to yours (thanks to Adrienne Reaume for the rules part!)


A wiki is a goof-proof website. It was designed by people who wanted to make easy websites that anyone could put together and operate, even if they didn't understand a bunch of technical stuff. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it a really great way of completing your work online. Wikis can be private, where only "invited" people can see what you post, or public, where anyone on the 'Net can find it. Ours will be private, to protect you and your work. Like all great online things, however, there are rules for wikis. Here are ours: 


1. Be SAFE: Don’t let others know or use your login/password.  

2. Be RESPECTFUL: Be friendly and positive; you must refrain from any inappropriate, sarcastic, or unkind responses. Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. 

3. Be ON TASK: Make sure you communicate clearly and intelligently (no text message wording please) on a relevant topic. Remember your purpose and audience. 

4. Be ACCURATE: Before posting your comments or work, re-read, double check for errors  (spelling, grammar, plagiarism) and re-read AGAIN. 

5. Be CAREFUL: Read the expectations carefully before you begin your work. 


Private Wikis -- ask to become a member if you want to check it out after the workshop! 


A peek at the Bachmeier Brains Wiki (our grade 7 class) doing lit circles right now!

A peek at the Morencie Wiki (our grade 8 class) doing lit circles right now! 

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